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You can rely on Roffey carpet cleaning for all your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, Rug cleaning and spot and stain removal needs. It can be difficult to know how to sort the good carpet cleaners from the bad, hopefully this blog will help you decide.

My name is James Roffey i own and run Roffey Cleaning with my wife Lyn i have been cleaning for eleven years now and i like to think i am very good at what i do, but i have a confession to make…. there are other carpet cleaners out there that are very good and professional at what they do, so don’t think that i am out to knock the competition. merely steer you away from the poor ones.
Obviously the best way of finding any tradesman is via a recommendation, but this is not always possible, this is why i have posted many testimonials received from my customers over the years.
The next thing that i feel is important when choosing a professional carpet cleaner is, what trade bodies or associations are they members of, carpet cleaning suffers the same problems as other trades, and that is the part time amateur who will make very little investment in equipment, training or being a member of trade associations such as the NCCA ( The national carpet cleaners association) they only want to make a “fast buck” and have no need to clean your carpet to a standard that would be demanded by a professional because they will almost certainly undercut the likes of myself to get there foot through your door, they then often hike the price up after you have invited them in, this is a classic con called the “bait and switch”
I have always considered these tactics to be very poor business practice, i believe that if you carry out a quality job at a reasonable price are punctual, professional and polite then happy customers will gladly tell family and friends, this is great marketing.
Sadly the public will always be vulnerable to unscrupulous tradesmen because we all want to keep our hard earned cash, that’s natural, i am the same, when i buy that washing machine, fridge or TV i want the cheapest price like everyone else.
But carpet cleaning is not a commodity it’s a service, of course you just want your carpets cleaned, whats complicated about that ?
The process of carpet cleaning need not be at all complicated, i could just fill my machine with water and clean your carpet with it and have the job done in a fraction of the time it would normally take, or i could do it properly and not leave out several other vital process’s that will leave your carpet considerably cleaner than if i adopted the quicker “splash and dash” method
That’s the big problem with carpet cleaning, it’s easy to cut corners, if i cut corners i could certainly lower my prices, but at what cost i am sure the quality of my work would suffer and so would my reputation.
Am i expensive though ? my prices are somewhere between the “splash and dash” and the large franchises, i charge enough to be able to complete a thorough clean without leaving out things such as agitation ! this is a vital part of cleaning any carpet and without it a lot of dirt would remain, i mean you would not wash your hair without rubbing the shampoo into your scalp, would you ? the same principal applies to carpet cleaning, the carpet fibres are sprayed with a prespray and agitated with a machine this loosens the dirt prior to extraction, this process makes a big difference but takes longer, as they say time is money.
I say time provides the opportunity to do the job properly and leave your carpet as clean as it can be, that is after all what you are paying for, a clean carpet. Not a cleaner carpet, there’s a huge difference.

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