Carpet cleaning in Leigh on sea – Hired a Machine?

Apr 25, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Have you ever hired a machine to clean your carpets ?

Treat yourself this time and have you carpets professionally cleaned, it wont cost as much as you think!

The difference between a hired machine and a powerful industrial strength machine that a professional carpet cleaner uses is huge. The hired machine does not have the vacuum strength or the heat and power of the triple vacuum Airflex Turbo that i use.

The many hidden costs of chemicals on top of the hire charges plus you have all the hard work to clean them yourself and the end result is wet carpet for days rather than hours and rapid resoiling due to the amount of the sticky solution left behind.

Often when i am called in to clean a carpet i ask the customer if it has been cleaned before, they are usually embarrassed to admit that they hired a machine, i can usually tell that it has been “cleaned” using a rental machine due to the amount of residue that is sucked out during the clean. I have to use huge amounts of defoamer to prevent damage to my own equipment this demonstrates to me that these “toys” leave a huge amount of sticky residue in carpets and i believe they represent very poor value for money.

Carpets are a huge investment so why abuse them by attempting to save money, for a little more you can have them cleaned properly, i offer a free onsite written quote to my customers living in Southend on sea, Rochford, Leigh on sea, Hockley, Rayleigh, Benfleet and Canvey.

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