Carpet Cleaning Scams!

Apr 25, 2014 | News | 0 comments

The majority of carpet cleaning companies in Southend on sea are run by good ethical people. like every other profession though, there will be some bad apples.

The basic carpet cleaning scam is called “Bait and switch” in this scam, the carpet cleaning company will try to get into your home with an incredibly low price, usually they will charge only a few pounds per room.but they have no intention on honouring this price.

Once they are in your home, they will try to raise the bill by charging you for “extras” explaining that the cheap price is for a basic service but you need a more thorough clean because the traffic lanes in your home are very soiled, or this price does not include spot and stain removal, or cleaning of carpet under furniture, removal of odours, applying protector, the list goes on.

A professional carpet cleaner cannot stay in business only charging say £20 per room, advertising costs,equipment, fuel,insurance, public liability etc overheads for most professional carpet cleaners are approx £150 + per week and we are constantly competing with the “bait and switch” and the part timer using poor inferior equipment usually working from the back of an estate car who has no training, insurance or membership of trade body such as the NCCA

If price is your absolute priority.

Think what you are getting for your money, for example, i recently quoted for a lady living in Leigh on sea, she wanted the carpets in her home cleaned, my quote came out at £178 she was a little shocked as she explained to me that she had been quoted over the phone just £40!

I could not explain how they could charge such a ridiculous price, as i estimated that to clean this ladies carpets to a level that i would be satisfied with would take about four to five hours, the company that quoted just £40 had not even seen the carpets and amazingly were capable of cleaning them in just 45 minutes.

To be able to make a profit cleaning carpets at that rate i would guess that they would have to clean at least five houses a day, i am glad to say that this lady did book me to clean her carpets, it did occure to me later that the “cheaper” company were actually charging a higher hourly rate than i was. so i guess that i actually provided better value and i am happy to say that the lady was delighted with the results.

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