Tips for cleaning your home in Autumn

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October means the start of Autumn and the close of another fantastic Summer season. Here at Roffey Cleaning, I have enjoyed a great summer providing carpet cleaning services to Southend and Westcliff-on-Sea. Around this time each year there is a notable increase in the amount of domestic cleaning bookings as the autumn weather begins to make an impact. Let’s take a look at why autumn often means it’s time to step up the home cleaning efforts and what you can do to keep your Essex home cleaner for longer this Autumn.

Why autumn is the time to book domestic cleaning in Southend

The main reason that homes tend to become a little more dirty in the Autumn is the increase in rainfall and falling leaves. Together, these generally creates muddier conditions. This mud is attracted to our clothes, shoes and pets and inevitably makes its way to our carpets.

It’s important to deal with this build up of dirt promptly, since the muddy conditions can result in more harmful bacteria being brought into the home. This is a particular concern for those who have young children or pets. Thankfully, there is a lot you can do yourself to minimise the mess. Here a few quick fix tips to help you keep your home clean this Autumn.

Regular vacuum cleaning

Of course regular vacuum cleaning sounds like a common sense tip, but it’s one that bears repeating as it can make a big difference to the condition of the carpets in your home. It can feel like a bit of a chore digging out the hoover, moving furniture around and the like, but if you’ve let the hoovering slide over the summer now is the time to get back into the routine of giving it a run around once or twice a week. It only takes a few minutes and can really help ensure your carpets stay in good condition for much longer as Autumn runs on and slides into Winter.

Keep your home ventilated

With more moisture in the air it’s important to keep your home properly ventilated in the Autumn. As the weather gets a little colder it might not be very appealing to open up the windows, but a few minutes here and there can help keep the air in the home clean and let moisture out to prevent mould growth. Dehumidifiers and air filters can be very useful for this and modern units are surprisingly cheap to run, they’re a good alternative if you’d prefer to keep the windows closed. If you have issues with damp in your home this could be a really easy way tackle it.

Use a shoe rack to keep your home free of dirt

This can make a huge difference and costs almost nothing. Installing a shoe rack within sight of the front door means no awkward conversations asking visitors to remove their shoes, the message is clear, this is a shoes off household! Since shoes get worn through puddle splashes, in the park and everywhere else, it’s hardly surprising that the majority of dirt that gets into our homes finds its way there on our shoes. Making sure the family and guests take their shoes off can keep a whole lot of this dirt out. If you don’t have one already, Autumn is the ideal time to get a door matt too for an extra level of protection.

Wash your pets

Like our shoes, pet fur is another key point of transport for Autumn dirt to get into our homes. Unlike shoes however, furry pets cannot remove their fur so easily. Whilst we don’t suggest shaving all pets during Autumn, wiping them down with a towel or giving them a good shampoo and blow dry once or twice a week is almost as effective and far more acceptable.

Hire a professional

If you need a little help keeping on top of the cleaning this Autumn don’t hesitate to get in touch with Roffey Cleaning. Get in touch for the best value cleaning services Westcliff has to offer. A professional clean can reset the clock on the home cleaning chores and make it much easier to maintain throughout the Autumn. Get in touch today for an estimate, customer satisfaction is a top priority and I am confident you’ll be delighted with the quality of the work.

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