Are these hidden nasties in your carpet?

May 19, 2017 | News | 0 comments

We love carpets. They make a home warmer, quieter and more comfortable. Carpets are also great if you have children; they’re safer when they fall and more forgiving when they use your iPad as a sledgehammer. However, much as we love them, many people don’t actually stop to consider if their carpets are truly safe.

How can a carpet be unsafe? While the idea might initially sound far fetched, it’s worth thinking about. With the amount of use carpets have to put up with, it’s not actually very surprising that without professional cleaning they can quickly begin to harbour all kinds of bacterial nasties. Pet owners in particular should be mindful of this; if anyone, young or old, is mucking about on the carpet it really needs to be kept clean and healthy.

So what kinds of nasties can build up on a carpet? Well if any shoes are worn in the house you need only think about where they have been to start to building up a picture. Town pavements are not the cleanest places on earth and a lot of that dirt tends to get picked up by our shoes. Ultimately even with a good doormat in place some of that is going to end up getting walked into the home. A little of this is no problem of course, but if the carpet hasn’t been cleaned in several weeks or months it can build up. This can lead to the growth of bacteria which can cause sickness and illnesses and it’s all living there, right inside the carpet.

Bacteria isn’t the only nasty thing that can thrive on an unclean carpet. Dust can also be a problem if not properly dealt with. Regular vacuuming is a great way to lessen the effect of carpet dust, but it won’t reach deep enough to get rid of it all. One of the issues that can arise with an overly dusty carpet is that these particles become easily agitated and are released into the atmosphere of a room by even small impacts such as footsteps. The dusty atmosphere this creates can be especially bad for sufferers of asthma and those with other breathing issues. In the worst cases, this can even attract dust mites, which can be nigh on impossible to get rid of without professional help.

If you live with pets it’s not always obvious that they can carry a certain odour with them. Of course we’re not suggesting your cohabiters are filthy, but pets don’t tend to get a wash quite as often as humans. Their smell may not be choking you, but it can quite quickly become one with your carpets and upholstery and it will be immediately obvious to any guests who visit. Of course if you’re a smoker, you frequently burn incense, or even if you just make a lot of strong smelling food, there are also going to be smells coming from this that will get caught up in the fibres of your carpet too. Leaving the windows open for a bit is not going to deal with this.

Remember, when it comes to carpets, appearances are not always what they seem. Whilst dirt on top of the carpets may be easy to spot, the dirt that sits deeper in the fibres is often far worse. Did you know that carpets can easily trap more than their own weight in dust and dirt within their body? Most of this you won’t even be able to see, but imagine how much filth that actually is and what it’s exposing your family to.

So how can you prevent all this nasty stuff from affecting you? Domestic cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners, sprays and the like are simply not up to scratch. They’ll do a bit, but not enough. We work with some customers who have spent hours on their hands and knees scrubbing at their carpets to no avail. What is required is what professional cleaners refer to as ‘deep’ cleaning. A professional carpet cleaner can destroy dust mites and eliminate dirt and bacteria all within a few hours thanks to modern, cutting edge equipment and tried and tested techniques. Professional carpet cleaning is great value since it can extend the life of your carpet by years. Generally it only needs to be carried out two or three times a year to minimise the risks and unpleasantries we’ve covered here. So why not give us a call today and let us help make your home a safer, more pleasant place to be?

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