BBC’s Watchdog Programme

Apr 25, 2014 | News | 0 comments

How may of you watched last nights Watchdog programme on carpet cleaning scams used by a company calling itself Enterprise cleaning services UK Ltd, they use a tactic called “Bait and switch” the bait is an attractive offer like £8.99 to clean your carpets, the switch is telling you that this price is for a very basic clean that may make your carpets look dirtier ! then they tell you that your carpet needs a “deep down” clean this is the switch.

But for this service you have to pay considerably more, twice what i charge and in one case three times what i charge for upholstery cleaning, conning one eldely lady out of nearly £600 to clean a three piece suite.

Some people will always choose a carpet cleaner on price alone, never giving a thought as to why the “splash and dash” and the “bait and switch” cowboys offer such a cheap service, they offer a cheap service because they get lots of work, but to make it profitable they either have to sell you extra services or go in cheap and get out quick either way you are being ripped off.

To clean a standard 12×12 lounge to a level that i am satisfied with can can take up to two hours, depending on the level of soiling. my charges allow me the time required to complete my work without omitting any of the vital process’s required.

My price for the average lounge is about £45.00 that is the final price you pay and includes a “deep clean” as standard.

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