The best carpet cleaning methods in Southend on sea Essex

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Do you want your home to look its best ?

Then here are some tips from Roffey carpet cleaning that are quite useful. Having your carpets cleaned not only keeps your home healthy but makes it look good too. When you are thinking of removing those ugly stains and making your home smelling fresh and clean again call a professional carpet cleaner like Roffey carpet cleaners, we are dedicated to providing a level of service that is second to none, we believe our cleaning process is the most thorough there is.

Consider your health and the health of your family, routinely cleaning your carpets is vital. The dirt can build up over time from tracking in dirt from outside on your shoes, if not cleaned properly dirt, pollen even parasites can remain in your carpet. This is a useful function of carpets they not only provide warmth and comfort but are a much healthier choice than laminate flooring. Anything left on the surface of a solid floor will just be disturbed and circulated around your home as soon as you walk over it.

Carpet traps all these “nasties” and can help prevent you and your family breathing them in, thorough vacuuming is vital to lowering the level of contamination levels in your carpet and should be carried out on a weekly basis as a minimum. But even with regular vacuuming your carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

At Roffey carpet cleaning we are dedicated to providing our customers a service that is second to none, we have never striven to be the cheapest carpet cleaners in town, to do that we know that we would have to lower our standards and we are not prepared to do that our aim is to remove as much dirt as possible, and to do that takes time. we recognise that what customers want is value for money, they rarely want the cheapest possible price because the cheapest price usually means a “cowboy”

And like all professions carpet cleaning is no different, we have all seen those leaflets of “special offers” or £10 per room etc etc. The truth is that the only way to make a profit charging silly prices is to carry out the work in a short period of time, and unless you are employing “Superman” to clean your carpets he will be leaving something out of the cleaning, and leaving dirt in your carpet that would be removed if he had followed the correct methods of carpet cleaning which are.

1: A thorough vacuum, upright model with beater bar.

2: Applying a prespray to break up the soiling.

3: Agitation using a contra-rotating brush machine.

4: An adequate dwell time, sometimes as long as thirty minutes.

5: Hot water extraction with professional industrial strength equipment with at least three vacuum motors and 600psi

Anyone leaving out any of the above vital stages is not doing the job that you have paid for, but if you are paying £10 per room then it is inevitable that corners will be cut and dirt will be left behind, simple logic dictates that you get what you pay for.

I charge approx £45 for the first room and £30 for extra rooms based on the rooms being an average of 12×12 this allows me the time i need to be thorough, i do not think this is expensive i think it represents excellent value for money.

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