Carpet cleaning for businesses at Christmas

Nov 16, 2016 | News | 0 comments

If you run a business or venue in or around Southend, get ready for Christmas with a professional carpet clean from Roffey Cleaning.

It’s always important to make a good first impression, and at a time of year when many local businesses like bars or music venues expect a lot of customers, you don’t want the state of your carpets to let you down. It’s not just the aesthetics of a carpet that can be problematic, but if they haven’t been professionally cleaned for a while they can start to produce all kinds of odours from unwanted foreign bodies like mould or split drinks.

We have maintenance plans with all kinds of different businesses, and we always make sure we cause as little disruption as possible by using the Very Low Moisture cleaning technique on most commercial jobs. This gets great results and will have carpets dry and ready to use again in about half an hour, so your business doesn’t grind to a halt. We have put together a number of efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaning plans for commercial premises, so get in touch today and we can get one that’s right for you!

By organising a full carpet clean in your venue at the start of the festive period you are not only making a good impression with your customers, but you’re providing a pleasant working environment for your staff, and, unsurprisingly, studies have shown that employees become more productive if they like the place they work. Your workforce will respond well to hygienic and generally more pleasant working conditions and, of course, that will soon start to reflect in their attitudes to customers; going the extra mile, being extra attentive to your guests and making sure they don’t overlook the finer details that they might otherwise ignore.

For more information about our outstanding commercial carpet cleaning services call us on 01702 331235 today.

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