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“What is the most cost effective way of cleaning your carpets, Hire, buy, or use a Service”

You first have to decide what you really want, for some it’s the cheapest price but if you’re like me it’s value for money.

As consumers we have so much choice, we can buy a carpet cleaning machine from the local electrical store, we can hire a machine from the local DIY store, if you are looking for the cheapest way to clean your carpets, then the machine brought by you and used regularly will be the cheapest, next comes the hired machine, this costs a little more and is a step up from the smaller purchased machine.

Of course I am going to say you should use a professional, this is after all, how I make a living, but I have seen first hand the results of using the above alternatives, one of which is the carpet not being rinsed out correctly, leaving a sticky residue of cleaning fluids in you carpet,which then leads to rapid resoiling, this is due to the chemicals used and the vacuum strength of an inferior machine.

How do I know this, well when I clean a customers home that has previously been cleaned by these machines, I have to use what is called a de-foamer to prevent my machine from frothing up into a giant bubble!

This is as a direct result of the residue left from the previous clean that my machine removes during the extraction process.

A professional will use far more powerful machinery, able to remove considerably more soiling and recover more water from your carpets leaving them much drier, some hired machines have been known to leave carpets wet for days, I expect to have your carpets dry considerably faster.

A professional will also use his knowledge to remove stains, at roffeycleaning i charge nothing for this it’s all part of the service I provide my customers.

A professional will be fully trained and insured, I am a member of the NCCA ( National Carpet Cleaners Association)

And for you added peace of mind I offer a satisfaction guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results, I will clean you carpet again, if you are still not satisfied I wont charge you a penny.

I believe that a satisfied customer becomes a repeat customer so your satisfaction is my priorty.

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