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“Roffey cleaning provides Carpet and upholstery Cleaning throughout Essex, i believe my services exceed most that are offered today”

How do i do this? Because all work at Roffeycleaning Essex is carried out by me James Roffey, i own and run Roffey Cleaning.

A large proportion of the work i do is by referal, the lifeblood of any small business, unlike large National franchises who have the financial resources to carry out expensive advertising campaigns, that i could only dream of. Roffey Cleaning is always competing with the Goliaths’s of the Carpet Cleaning world on a much tighter budget, but.

” i am able to offer something the franchise’s cant ”

Sadly it’s a fact of life that if you are employed to do a job the motivation to complete it to a high standard will less, i have worked for others in the past and i just wanted to do the job and get home to my family, it’s human nature.

What i discovered when i started my own business was, i wanted to do the very best job i could, not just because i love the customers reaction when they see the results, which is great, but also because that one happy customer will tell friends, family, neighbours.One of the biggest overheads for small business’s is finding new customers, whether it be leaflets and delivery, Yellow pages,, Internet etc etc it all costs!

” whats the best marketing for a small business, it’s reputation”

If you live in Essex and want a professional family run business to take care of your Carpet Cleaning requirements,

call me James Roffey.

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Roffey Carpet Cleaning is based in Southend and we provide a friendly local service across Southend and Essex.

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