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Introducing the new breed of British professional carpet extractors, now being used by Roffey carpet cleaning Southend

Designed and built in the UK. Airflex extractors are at the forefront of the new breed of more powerful, more flexible carpet cleaning extraction machines, the new triple vacuum Airflex Turbo can clean carpets leaving them cleaner and dryer than ever before.
Let us demonstrate the amazing Airflex Turbo, you will be amazed the dirt this can remove from your carpets, forget hiring a machine that is little more than a toy, this professional industrial machine is in a league of its own, for little more than the cost of hiring an inferior machine and the effort of collecting the machine doing the job and returning the machine after, you will probably be left with very wet carpets the residue left behind could take days to dry, even worse, this sticky residue can lead to rapid re soiling making your efforts a needless waste of time and hard earned money.

It really is a false economy especially when you consider that even with the amazing Airflex Turbo to extract the dirt, the use of this machine is just the final stage of professional carpet cleaning, vaccuming with an industrial vacuum cleaner, a prespray followed by mechanical agitation of the carpet fibres with a heavy duty Host rotating brush machine is carried out prior to hot water extraction.

When hiring a machine, the entire cleaning method is extraction only !

Not only that but the machine will have very poor vacuum strength, so whatever you spray into your carpet will probably be left behind after you have finished, recently i was called to a customers home the lady was was complaining that her carpets smelt bad, when i arrived i was shocked to find that the carpets in her lovely home stank of rotten eggs, what she had done was clean them using a hired machine, they had taken so long to dry that bacteria had started to grow in the damp humid conditions and she now had a problem that was difficult to remedy. The carpet was flooded down to the base, i could be fixed but not by just cleaning.

When a professional cleans carpets his aim is to get them as clean as possible using methods recommended by the NCCA
( The National Carpet Cleaners Association) of which i am an accredited member 2113.

Another priority is to leave them as dry as possible with no residue left behind, At Roffey Carpet Cleaning our aim is to leave you completely satisfied and delighted with the results, most of our work comes via referral, but for our new customers peace of mind we still offer our guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the results, we wont charge a penny !

We also offer a free onsite written quote, this is without any obligation, and no high pressure sales on my part, i firmly believe in old fashioned values and believe that this is what my customers want from me, prompt courteous and professional service.

For more information visit Roffeycleaning or call me, James Roffey on 01702 331235

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