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Your carpet is one of the most costly and important features in your home. It may not be as eye catching as that plasma tv or antique furniture, but it does make a difference to your home looking clean and fresh, or dirty and drab.

A simple but effective way of maintaining your carpet is to always use good quality doormats at the entrance to your home, i am often surprised that this basic necessity is overlooked, or that the doormat is so old that it is actually soiling the carpet. A good quality doormat will considerably reduce the amount of dry soil transferred onto you carpet.

By far the most important advice for maintaining your carpet is vacuuming. Vacuuming should be carried out regularly and thoroughly, especially in areas where the carpet is subjected to heavy traffic. frequent vacuuming reduces the build up of soiling, the longer you leave the vacuuming the less clean you will be able to get your carpet. I always recommend an upright vacuum instead of a cylinder vacuum, the upright vacuum will always remove more soiling due to the beater bar agitating the carpet fibres.

If your carpet has not been vacuumed thoroughly for a long it is likely that your home vacuum cleaner may not be up to the job, using the services of a professional carpet cleaner will restore your carpet to looking its best,
your carpet should receive a deep clean every twelve to eighteen months.

At Roffeycleaning we use the HWE method, Hot water extraction is the most widely used method of cleaning carpets, and for good reason, It is a tried and tested method and the one recommended by the NCCA, The National Carpet Cleaners Association.

Over the years other methods have been used and still are used, many of these i have tried myself and have found them to be inferior to HWE, that’s why the majority of carpets cleaners around the world opt for HWE as the preferred choice.

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