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Apr 25, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Agitation has several purposes when it comes to carpet cleaning. It distributes the prespray throughout the carpet, which can be achieved equally well with any form of agitation whether manual or by machine. Very importantly it will shear the soil from the yarn and finally, it will also lift the pile, especially with the use of a cylindrical contra rotating brush machine (CRB) as is used by Roffey Carpet Cleaning.

Failing to incorporate this process during the cleaning process will make the complete removal of soiling in your carpet more difficult, ultimately leaving you carpet still soiled.

At Roffey Carpet Cleaning we believe that all the process’s taught by the
The National carpet cleaning association are taught for a good reason. Sadly sometimes one or more of these vital process’s can be left out resulting in sub standard results for you the customer, why is this?

Time is money, if this process is left out, time is saved more jobs can be completed, who loses out ?

You the customer !

As a small business you are important to us, we do not have the vast marketing of the large franchises that we compete with on a daily basis or the part time amateur who undercuts us.

Our approach to customer service isn’t unique, it’s quite simply doing the job right.

James Roffey

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