Three key reasons why your business needs a pro carpet clean this summer

Jun 23, 2017 | News | 0 comments

With summer in full swing many commercial businesses experience a bit of a lull, restaurants and cafes can be quieter and offices may have less hustle and bustle as people head off to enjoy their holidays. This presents the perfect opportunity to get a professional in to take a look at the floors without disrupting the running of the business. Our commercial customers love our services, just take a look at our latest reviews on Facebook or Google.

There are many reasons why the summer is the ideal time to clean the carpets in your business, let’s take a look at three of the key ones:

Hayfever & allergy prevention

The fibres of carpets do wonders to clean the air in a room. As dust settles on their surface, it clings to the material, effectively removing it from the air. During the Spring and Summer months, carpets tend to trap a bit more dust and pollen than usual. Eventually the carpet will become full with these particles and it’ll need to be cleaned professionally in order to remove them. It’s important for businesses to do this at least a couple of times a year, since dusty carpets can be really unpleasant for staff and visitors who suffer from hayfever, asthma and other similar conditions.

Keep your business looking smart

We work with all kinds of restaurants, cafes and social spaces in the south east. Over time, all of them have to deal with spills and droppages which affect the carpet. Whilst many have staff or even cleaners who can take care of this sort of thing, they can only do so much. A professional carpet clean can tackle those pesky marks and stains once and for all. There’s nothing like professional grade equipment to make the difference, our gear combines heat with specialist cleaning products and mechanical agitation to tackle stains more thoroughly than anyone could hope to by hand. Your business will benefit from a more hygienic and cleaner environment, which all staff and guests will appreciate. It will also tackle any lingering smells that may bother your visitors. Simply put, professionally cleaned carpets mean a smarter premises.

Extend the life of your carpet and save money

The cost of replacing carpets in a commercial business premises is always higher than in a domestic setting. The carpet needs to be more hardwearing than a home carpet, since it’s likely to have to put up with much heavier foot traffic. Costs are also multiplied when downtime has to be factored in; shopping for the carpet, getting a good price, measuring the space and finding a reliable company to come and fit it are all a drain on the resources of a business. It’s in everyone’s interests to extend the life of the carpet as much as possible and professional carpet cleaning can make a huge impact on this.

Our specially formulated cleaning products are non-abrasive and contain conditioners which protect the fibres of the carpet by resisting future spills. Not only that, but by using commercial grade carpet cleaning equipment we reach deeper into the carpet and get rid of small grit-like particles which essentially act like sandpaper when trodden on. By tackling these, the fibres of your carpet last longer and your business saves on unwelcome replacement costs.

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